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IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation has become an all-encompassing term and can cover a variety of treatments. Optical treatments are by far extremely popular. Other clinics may use a laser to perform cosmetic procedures. Here at Refresh Face and Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, we use IPL, also known as photorejuvenation to combat skin problems and aging.

Why choose IPL for Skin Rejuvenation?

  • IPL has very few side effects concerns because it is such a widely accepted and tested method.
  • IPL has a minimal recovery time and effortlessly works into your schedule. Many people can get it done during their lunchtime.
  • Remarkable results without the need for surgery.
  • People experience beautiful outcomes in reducing pore size, removing and shrinking fine lines and wrinkles, treating pigmentation spots and scarring, and a general uplift and skin texture and tone.
  • IPL has been used to treat stretch marks, broken capillaries, sun spots, age spots, rosacea, spider veins, and many other conditions.
  • IPL offers a long-lasting solution because it stimulates the body to heal itself from within.

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Why do people need to rejuvenate their skin?

Once you are in your late 20’s, collagen production in your body begins to drop off.
Rejuvenating helps to “remind” your body to produce collagen at the treated area!
This helps your skin repair itself from the inside out.

An increase in collagen production will help you decrease the depth and severity of wrinkles, and may even eliminate fine lines.
This new collagen production will help tighten your skin, and shrink pores.

How IPL Rejuvenation works

intense pulsed light facial rejuvenation wand

Thermal Energy

IPL photo rejuvenation treats skin damage by sending intense pulses of light that deliver thermal energy (heat) to deep tissue in your affected area.

cutaway showing skin imperfections on a face

Target Imperfections

This area can be red blemishes from blood vessels, age spots, sun damaged skin, acne scars, freckles and other brown pigment imperfections.

woman with rejuvenated facial skin

New Look For You

As a result of these flaws in your skin being targeted with the IPL wand, your body is “reminded” to repair and produce collagen, elastin and new cells there.

When the wand presses against your skin, and the trigger pulled, it emits a burst of light that has many wavelengths.
Your cells absorb this light and convert it into heat. The heat damages your cells.

Your body goes to work and starts repairing and healing the damaged skin by producing collagen.
This new collagen smooths out fine lines and wrinkles that begins to fill in deep scars.

Your body will also generate new cells, repair damaged ones, and get rid of cells that are not vibrant.
This process tightens your pores and produces a smoother more even skin tone and texture.

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Some skin care sites mention ablative and non-ablative?

Simply put, an ablative procedure impacts not only the lower layers but also the surface of your skin.
Knowing this is important as you will see.

Many ablative procedures require sun avoidance for many months as well as immediate “downtime.”

IPL rejuvenation treatments are non-ablative meaning only the lower layers of your skin will be affected.
The surface (top layer) of your skin is not exposed to the thermal energy, remaining intact.

IPL treatments allow you to target certain specific skin flaws.
This variation minimizes the damage done to your skin, allowing you to come in at lunchtime, receive your facial rejuvenation, and go back to work the same day!

If You Want The Best In IPL Rejuvenation for your skin...

…you want Medical Grade IPL.

Having technology that is patented built right into it, the Quantum IPL Machine I use can provide breathtaking outcomes for a variety of skin conditions that you just don’t have to put up with any longer.

If you are bothered with sun damage, freckles from sun exposure , age spots, rosacea or rosy cheeks, birthmarks, spider veins, and even mild acne scarring! – Call us on 08 9468 7213 and schedule your free consultation to determine if you are a candidate for our non-invasive skin rejuvenation.

Medical Grade IPL Machine

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What to know about IPL Photorejuvenation

There are many benefits of IPL skin rejuvenation. However, there are some things to be aware of.

IPL is not helpful on dark or very tanned skin as compared to people with pale complexions. Nothing lasts forever.
While these facial and skin procedures can provide long-lasting outcomes, nothing can prevent the effects of time, age, and gravity on your skin. 

There is no possible way to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming again. While we can often remove and significantly reduce wrinkles, we cannot stop the fundamental cause.

Delight in your more youthful look and ponder additional treatments in the future to enhance and maintain it.

Pain-free IPL Skin Rejuvenation

People often ask: “Does IPL hurt?”

There is no straightforward answer to this because everyone has a different pain threshold. And it also depends on the area being treated.

Some people describe it as a tingly feeling all the way up to the feeling of a small rubber band snapping on your skin.
For me, personally, it feels about in the middle of these two now. It started out feeling closer to the “rubber band” end.

Just like waxing or anything else, you do develop a higher tolerance for the procedure with repeated sessions over time.

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How Many Sessions Will I Need?

  • Your course of IPL sessions will be customised for your skin type and needs to produce the best possible results.
  • You will typically need 4 to 6 photo-rejuvenation with IPL treatments, each being 3 to 6 weeks apart.
  • More than one treatment is needed to give you steady, organic- looking progress with minimised risk.

Help Your Skin Recover

Let’s Face It…The Australian Sun is Harsh.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) skin treatments using photorejuvenation is a huge leap forward in what can be achieved with your skin care.
The effects of photoaging and sun damage eventually catch up and tell-tale signs take their toll on your skin.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation will delight you with wonderful results you can instantly see.

Come in and experience your new even skin tone and texture!
You will be even more thrilled with practically no recovery time needed after the treatment.

What About Acne?

This helpful pulsed light can also be effective in treating acne vulgaris.

This ipl photofacial treatment can kill or eliminate most of the acne causing bacteria that may be living under your skin.

Because this procedure will also stimulate collagen reproduction as a wonderful “side effect”, this IPL laser skin rejuvenation may be helpful in minimising the appearance of a minor acne scar.

If you would like to learn more about the skin rejuvenation options available at the Refresh Face and Skin Rejuvenation clinic in Applecross, we invite you to call 08 9468 7213 to schedule a private consultation.

Our consultations are no hassle, no cost, and obligation free.

Come see why so many people trust us to deliver beautiful results!

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Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Before-Care

  • Avoid sun exposure and tanning.
  • You cannot receive any treatment if your skin is darker because of exposure to the sun. The extra melanin in your skin means that the upper layer would absorb too much of the IPL light, rendering the treatment useless.
  • Do not use bleaching or hair removal creams on your face (upper lip) for at least a week before coming to our skin rejuvenation clinic.
  • On the day of your facial rejuvenation, please do not wear any makeup, or put anything extra on your skin including moisturizers.
  • Be open and honest during your photo skin rejuvenation consult.
  • Some drugs and therapies whether medically prescribed or not can affect your skin’s sensitivity to the best skin rejuvenation procedures.

Skin Care Rejuvenation After-Care

After your skin care treatment, for the next couple days, treat your skin as if you’ve had a mild sunburn.

  • Avoid long and direct periods in the sun.
  • Avoid hot showers or soaking in a hot tub.
  • No strenuous exercise for at least a day.
  • For best results, avoid alcohol for at least one (preferably two) days.
  • No deep scrubs or rubbing/irritating the treated area.

Always use SPF 30+ sunscreen.

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Choosing your skin rejuvenation clinic

Your choice of skin care clinic and medical professional that serve you is important.
Some clinics and spas offer services from toenail painting and massages and happen to also include skin care.

Other clinics may choose to master a small set of services that specialize in getting the most out of your skin.
Regardless of who you choose, you should be comfortable that they have clearly answered all of your questions.

You should feel comfortable talking with the person that will perform your skin treatment.
Clear and effective communication will result in a skin treatment regime that has been customized to suit you and your skin type.

Here's 3 Very Good Reasons...

…why IPL may be the best option for your rejuvenation treatments

We perform all IPL skin treatments with a Quantum Medical Grade IPL that has Lumenis patented technology.

You will get a more youthful appearance as a result of the non-invasive treatment that helps your skin regain its smooth texture and uniform complexion.

Your course of IPL sessions will be customised for your skin type and needs to produce the best possible results.

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