Men's Hair Removal

A growing number of men are starting to get a smoother look and are coming to us about men’s IPL hair removal.
And not just the bodybuilders cyclists and swimmers… Men everywhere are getting their backs and chests touched up.

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Some men want to get rid of the mono brow. And others want the area around the ears or the back of their neck to be hair free.
Others come to us just to get the top of their chest and upper arms “the T-shirt line” looking smooth and hairless.

And yes, many men are now also getting their Speedo / jocks area done.

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Quantum Lumenis IPL MachineIf you are one of those men, and are at a loss for how to deal with your excess body hair, call us!

You will be treated by a registered nurse with over 20 years experience. And using a quantum intense pulsed light machine – widely recognized as the gold standard for hair removal – you will start to see your excess hair vanish.

This uses bursts of light to penetrate the hair shaft and kill the root. Permanent hair removal is not a claim that is made, because this procedure doesn’t kill the hair follicle which is where hair growth starts. While technically another hair can grow back, it is difficult. This does result in a permanent hair reduction.

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How many sessions will you need?

You will need a few sessions initially spaced about 4 to 8 weeks apart.
Then typically a “touch up” once or twice a year following that to maintain results.

Every person is different, and more or less work may be needed to remove your hair.
It depends on how dense your hair is, the surface area to be treated, and the time it will take.

How much does men's hair removal cost?

For instance, to treat a mono brow is generally about $75 per session.
The general rate per session for a full back is from $250.

Yes, we will work with you and put a hair removal package together if you have multiple areas you want to discuss.

You will receive a quote during our consultation.

To help you get the best value, we have a multisession special: Buy 3 upfront get one free!

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