Bikini Line Hair Removal

Bikini Line Hair Removal is a quick treatment that will have you ready to hit the beach, pool or hot tub before you know it!

Perth has such an active lifestyle. You really need your bikini line looking its best all year long!

Whether you are going to the beach, the river, Adventure World, lounging around at a friends pool, or having a quick weekend getaway to Bali, let me help you keep your bikini line ready to go at all times!

This is a delicate area, so you want to make sure you trust its hair removal to someone experienced!

I am a Registered Nurse with over 30 years experience.

I use a Quantum Medical Grade IPL Machine, widely recognised as leaders in the IPL industry.

Everyone has their own definition of “Bikini Line” (Yes, I also do Brazilian Hair Removal).

Bikini line hair removal price starts at $125 per session depending on your definition of bikini line!

Only “active hair” can be treated so a set of sessions is necessary for an increasingly noticeable hair reduction.

To help you get the best value, I have a multi-session special: Buy 3 up front get 1 FREE!

Please call 08 9468 7213 to book in for your FREE test patch and consultation.

Call and book your appointment today!